Dengar ‘Some Kind of Love’ dari The Killers

[] Foto oleh Gregor C.

The Killers kembali melanjutkan promosi album terbaru mereka dengan memperkenalkan satu track bertitel ‘Some Kind of Love’ – dengar di bawah.

Sebelumnya Brandon Flowers dan kolega sudah lebih dulu membagikan track ‘The Man’ dan ‘Run For Cover’ sebagai bagian dari album terbaru. Sekarang, dengan mengambil inspirasi dari musisi ikonik, Brian Eno, The Killers perdengarkan karya ketiga mereka.

Unit rock asal Las Vegas tersebut akan segera merilis album kelima, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, pada tanggal 22 September 2017 mendatang – lima tahun berselang dari album ‘Battle Born’.

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Berbicara pada Rolling Stones, Flowers menjelaskan bagaimana lagu ‘Some Kind of Love’ dapat bermula dari Brian Eno.

The only recurring dream I’ve had in my life is, I’m on one side of the street and Brian Eno is on the other side, and I can’t cross the street. [This time] I was in a little bit of a rut myself, and I went on YouTube and was playing over his instrumentals, and that’s where that song started. It took us over a year to finally get him to say yes to it. It all was coming up again: Brian Eno does not want anything to do with me. And finally, I got him on the phone and we got the approval. We had Bono and Anton Corbijn texting him and emailing him about it.”

“What we found out is that he’d told his manager, ‘I don’t want to use this song anymore,’” lanjut Flowers. “It was probably because these spa compilations and things like that. He didn’t know a band was gonna try to sing on it. So once I finally got to talk to him, we worked it out and he laughed. I told him the story about the dream, and it was pretty funny. He gave his seal of approval, and he likes it. So we finally got to work with Eno.”


  1. Wonderful Wonderful
  2. The Man
  3. Rut
  4. Life To Come
  5. Run for Cover
  6. Tyson vs Douglas
  7. Some Kind of Love
  8. Out of My Mind
  9. The Calling
  10. Have All The Songs Been Written