Kasabian Siap Luncurkan Album Terbaru

[flickr.com] Foto oleh 'meandmysong'.

Kasabian siap meluncurkan album terbaru, berjudul ‘For Crying Out Loud’, pada tanggal 28 April nanti.

‘For Crying Out Loud’ akan berisikan 12 track, termasuk single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’, yang sudah sempat dirilis lebih dulu.

Lihat judul-judul dari lagu yang disajikan,

  1. Ill Ray (The King)
  2. You’re In Love With Psycho
  3. TwentyFourSeven
  4. Good Night
  5. Wasted
  6. Come Back Kid
  7. The Party Never Ends
  8. Are You Looking For Action
  9. All Through The Night
  10. Sixteen Blocks
  11. Bless This Acid House
  12. Put Your Life On It


Sebelumnya, Serge Pizzorno sempat menyatakan bila album terbaru Kasabian bercerita tentang, “Saving guitar music was the abyss.”

“I was listening to ESG and Talking Heads and in that kind of world, then it just took on a life of its own. I just wanted to make a guitar record that was relevant and important,” sebutnya pada NME.